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Whether you are stuck in traffic, or stuck home on a Saturday night, come chill out on a snack-staycation with U Gottabee Nutz. Try all of our tasty flavor-bombed nuts. Almonds, Pistachios, Cashews and Pecans—each dry roasted with the bold flavors of California and a little extra Left Coast sunshine.

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Basil & Sun-dried Tomato Almonds • Smoky Bacon & Blue Cheese Almonds
Powdered Sugar & Cayenne Pepper Pecans • Cracked Pepper & Curry Pistachios

Our Flavors

Rosemary & Meyer Lemon flavored almonds

Ripe Meyer Lemon and fresh rosemary perfectly complement these almond flavors. Great solo or with Asiago or sharp white cheddar cheeses, olives, crunchy veggies and drinks with a touch of lemon.

Pairs well with
Sauvignon Blanc
& Pinot Noir
Rosemary & Meyer Lemon flavored almonds

Sweet molasses caramel and sea salt are a heavenly match for these buttery cashews. Tasty with a lightly sweet drink, baked pears with vanilla ice cream or crisp, tart apple slices and triple cream Brie.

Pairs well with
Old Vine Zinfandel
Rosemary & Meyer Lemon flavored almonds

Bold balsamic and spicy habanero are a great combo for the distinct flavors of pistachios. Try along side guacamole and tortilla chips, Spanish chorizo, peppered salamis or a cold bubbly drink.

Pairs well with
Cabernet Sauvignon

When my great-grandfather Samuele moved to America and worked in the artichoke fields of California his parents thought, “YOU GOTTA BE NUTS!” (but in Italian). When he bought an 85 year old Franciscan winery, they said, “YOU GOTTA BE NUTS!” During prohibition when he opened up the Sebastiani Cannery in Sonoma, they said, “YOU GOTTA BE NUTS!” When my Grandmother Sylvia published her own cookbook, Mangiamo! Let’s Eat, of family recipes in the days of cooking encyclopedias, they said “YOU GOTTA BE NUTS!”

After decades in the wine business, when my dad suggested we make something else – a snack that in one bite reminds us of being on vacation, they said “YOU GOTTA BE NUTS!” and I agreed, “Dad, U GOTTABEE NUTZ!”

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